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A highlight is a PortfolioEngine.Net feature which enables you to write "behing the scene" info about the project. You might write about how you've solved a certain problem, about some coding experiments with interesting results etc.
It's a nice way to to share some of your experience related to the project, from which everyone can learn.

You can write multiple highlights wrapped in a <highlights> element.
This element can be defined in its own xml file.


This element defines a highlight. A highlight must have a title, a description and optionally, images, files or a code sample.
<highlight id="h1">
	<content>Blaming it on someonelse</content>
	<content language="fr">
		Quelque chose en francais.
	<content>Description of the problem and solution</content>

id - A string used to identify the highlight. Also used in the url. Optional.


The title of the highlight, specified by <content> elements. See above example.


Description of the highlight, the interesting story, specified by <content> elements. See above example.


You can have a highlight related gallery. See <images />.


Specific downloads related to the highlight. See <files />.


This element is used to define the inline code sample for a highlight.

<code syntax="language">

language - the name of the programming language as supported by ColorCode

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