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PortfolioEngine.Net supports both interface and content localization.
Interface localization is supported via standard .Net resx files,

Project Content
Content localization is supported directly by the engine. You define the content in different languages in the xml files.

Supported Languages
For now only English and French interface are supported, but everyone is welcome to add their own languages. The content can be written in any language, if a requested language is not found, the default content will be shown.

Changing Languages
Usually you set the language (interface and content) at the project or portfolio level. However if you want that you users to change the language at any time, it can be done via the request query parameter "lang"=culture-region. It is recommended to use a non-neutral culture. For example, to see a project in French use [portfolio_url]?lang=fr-fr

Cascading Effect
If a request contains a valid "lang" parameter then that language will be used until changed. The culture is cached in a cookie which will act as if the parameter is present. If no language is requested then the project's language is used if any. If not, the portfolio language is considered. If it's missing too, then the default culture from application settings is used.

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