PortfolioEngine.Net is an easy to use showcase engine to present the projects you worked on. It is developed in C#, using mvc 2 on top of .Net 3.5

Why Should You Care

Having an online portfolio means everybody can see your work anytime. Designers do it all the time why shouldn't the developers do it too? It's not about just showing some cute images or a bland list of titles, it's about presenting the world your expertise and your accomplishments in a meaningful way. PortfolioEngine.Net is designed to help you sell better your skills and experience, without losing too much time on formatting.


  • A structure that makes it easy for you to present the important aspects of your work. And quickly too!
  • Use Roles to make the most out of your involvement in each project. You might have been simultaneously the Project Manager, Application Architect, Lead Developer. Detaliate what were the tasks and accomplishments in each of those roles and how the project benefited from your contribution.
  • Highlights allows you to publish interesting 'behind the scenes' facts about a project. You can write about how you've solved a problem or tell about useful experiments with interesting results.
  • COMPLETE control over Themes ! Every project can have its own theme if desired, you don't have to use the same theme for all your projects. This feature is useful for coders who are also designers as they can use a different theme to put their designs in a better light.
  • Multilingual support. Not only the interface but also the project's content can be multilingual so you can show your portfolio in a different language (it doesn't automatically translate it though...). Also every project can be automatically presented in a desired language, independent of other. See Localization for more details.
  • Support for multiple portfolios. Useful for hosting the portfolios of a team in the same place or to create specialized portfolios for yourself. For example, you can have a generic portfolio and a specialized portfolio (tailored for a specific job position) which can display different things about the same projects, but this time, highlighting the important things for that particular job position.
  • Display relevant images and let visitors download related files or see code samples.

Quick Links


PortfolioEngine.Net uses the following third party open-source components. You don't have to download them, they are already present in the project folder.

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